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"I had the pleasure of working with Moupia for my son's first photoshoot, and it was an absolute delight. Her expertise and professionalism shone through, resulting in stunning images that perfectly captured the essence of this special milestone.
Her ability to capture his genuine smiles and joyful expressions was truly exceptional. The final images were a true reflection of my son's unique personality and the love we have for him.
I wholeheartedly recommend Moupia to anyone seeking a professional and talented individual to capture precious moments. Her ability to create beautiful images while making the experience enjoyable is truly commendable. Thank you for capturing such cherished memories of my son's first photoshoot."


"Very nice photographer who knows how to deal with children! Photos look professional and she takes her time. I would definitely recommend."

"What truly set this experience apart was the joy and excitement that radiated from Moupia. Her ability to create a relaxed and fun environment made the entire photoshoot an absolute delight. My daughter enjoyed the entire session and the pictures came out very natural and lively."


"I was thoroughly impressed by your creative approach to the shoot. Your vision and ability to capture the essence of the moment were outstanding. The final photographs exceeded my expectations. Each image was beautifully composed, and the colors were vibrant and captivating. You managed to capture the emotions and joy of the occasion flawlessly."

"I recently had an amazing shoot with Moupia, and I couldn't be happier with the results. She has a versatile and remarkable talent for capturing genuine moments and showcasing the best of her subjects. From the moment we met, Moupia made me feel comfortable and relaxed. She had a way of putting me at ease, allowing me to be myself in front of the camera. Her friendly and warm demeanor made the whole experience enjoyable and fun. Working with her was an absolute pleasure, and the photographs she took are simply stunning. I highly recommend Moupia Bhowmik for anyone looking to have their portraits or special moments beautifully captured."


"Our pet photoshoot with Moupia photography was an absolute masterpiece that captured the essence of our beloved dog, Garin, in the most magical way. Moupia showcased an unparalleled talent for capturing the unique personality and soulful eyes of our furry friend. Her patience, expertise, and genuine love for animals shone through every frame, resulting in a collection of stunning photographs that truly melted our hearts. The experience was filled with laughter, joy, and a genuine connection that made Garin feel at ease throughout."

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